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Homestead Meadows

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Exclusive Reservations

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays involve exclusive reservations. Exclusive means you will 'own' the farm buildings and adjacent grounds for the designated hours, without any other group during your time.
In case of weddings this includes dressing on premises, outdoor or indoor ceremony, photos in our amazing outdoor and indoor settings, cocktail hour after the ceremony, followed by dinner and reception.

We have all the furniture for you, and we do all the setup and cleanup - before, during, and after the event. You arrange the food and beverage service with any caterer of choice, or even have your family do it for you.


2019 & 2020 Early Pricing of Exclusive Reservations
5% WI Sales Tax is applied to the listed amounts.



Exclusive Reservation

Initial Investment
& 6-month Payment



$800 + 40 tax

Sunday & Holiday Weekday


$1,200 + 60 tax



$1,500 + 75 tax



$1,500 + 75 tax

Wedding Reservation Document

Our wedding reservation document is available for you to read here. This is the actual document we personalize to book your wedding.
When you are ready to book a date, please e-mail or text us the date you wish to reserve and your personal information - full legal names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses - and we will e-mail a Confirmation document for your approval and signatures.

Please click on the title below to see the entire document.

Wedding Confirmation & Terms of Agreement

Pricing of Parties, Picnics, and Retreats

We offer exclusive bookings for large events, and non-exclusive bookings for smaller ones. Charges are based on the size of group, type of event, hours of occupancy, and whether or not exclusive use of the Farm is desired.

For exclusive and non-exclusive reservations, please e-mail us with the following information, and we will provide a prompt reservation proposal.

      type of event

      number of participants

      day and date of event

      hours of the event's schedule

      activities planned

      alcoholic beverages served or not