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Homestead Meadows

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A Note on Sunday and Weekday Weddings

Sunday weddings have become popular in recent years, and they offer a unique and economical option. Our unique facilities and beautiful setting make every wedding like a grand family reunion picnic. Guests love that as an alternative to the typical banquet room wedding.

We have also hosted many weekday weddings in recent years. These are great options for smaller groups or couples on a tight budget. Guests love a wedding that does not consume an entire weekend's plans.

Our 2019 Season

Reservations are still open for our 2019 season, with some good dates still available for your consideration. Please click on the calendar link below.

Please text, email, or call us at (920) 205-4200 to begin your reservation or request a personal visit to view our facilities.

2019  Reservations Calendar

Our 2020 Season

Though we only book one season in advance, reservations are now open for our 2020 season. Please click on the link below.

2020  Reservations Calendar